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Your one-stop-shop with a trusted partner: KRTechnologies

Our employees are service-orientated and have the adequate mentality and required knowledge in the automated process sector. The interest of the customer and the partner is central in our approach.

Our objective: improve together with you your processes in your activity

According to your needs, we can assist our customers and partners at international level in the following departments:


Our partners extensively exploit KRTechnologies hardware staging and configuration services as this save times, space and doesn’t require technical resources or storage/logistic capability in-house.

At KRTechnologies our senior technicians are available to work closely with our partners in the initial formation of master images. These are then used in our hardware staging and configuration facilities, which are capable of managing multiple simultaneous hardware builds using state of the art technology and applications.

Our expert technicians are able to stage and configure any type of EPOS and IT hardware and peripherals, irrespective of manufacturer, including multi-vendor EPOS bundles.

Talk to us today about your staging and configuration requirements.


KRTechnologies has it’s own technical repair service center for all retail products to restore them up to component level. As a result, we may be the cheapest repair service and we can tackle more than our competitors.

Swapping a device is an activity that can be done by anyone but targeted detection and repair of a defect is the key to our success and one of our superior actions. Try us and you will be amazed.

Field Services

Numerous Retail multinationals and resellers in the Benelux switched to our field services. Often for installations and maintenance of retail equipment. Operational efficiency is not an empty promise. Our assignments are usually SLA-based. Our main field services are telecom services, IT services, POS and smart services.

Thanks to the flexibility of our organisation our field activities guarantee a maximum of efficiency. Our central dispatch team plans, follows and adjusts as needed.

Through real-time tracking & tracing of incidents and interventions we keep an eye out and allows us to intervene at any time. It’s is a matter of seconds, not hours. We also have a unique management system to manage on-site services. Thanks to our fully automatic toolset we organise our services as efficient as possible.

All actions within the on-site support-process are recorded and measured. Therefore we have a multitude of management information about the provided services. Which gives us the opportunity to continually fine tune and improve. Our intelligent logistics processes avoid unnecessary trips to the warehouse.

We believe in a swap-story to take the problem from the store and to solve it firmly in a lab environment. Efficiency is achieved.


Our solution and technical experts often work with our resellers and end-customers to guide through the whole project life cycle, from conceptual to implementation phase. We understand the need of trusted advice and processes, particularly when the projects are complex. Our experts can help you with:

  • - Requirement analysis
  • - Procurement support
  • - Installation and integration support
  • - Roll-out and Implementation plan
  • - Support and SLA plan